JavaZone 2015: Day 1 - Modularity, Clojure, Microservices, Auth, Monads and Immutability

Another JavaZone is over and there has been a lot of great talks as always.

In this post, we'll take a look at some interesting ones from the first day.

Remember that you can browse through all of the talks by visiting JavaZone's Vimeo channel.

Java modularity: life after Java 9

by Paul Bakker, Sander Mak

A talk about how the future will look after the Jigsaw project. The presentation also touches on OSGi and how it differs from the Jigsaw project.

The Lisp in the Machine: Clojure inside Braintree

by Joe Nash

A great talk about the design choices made in Braintree. You'll hear about topics like Clojure, Kafka and Elasticsearch.

Microservices for Mortals

by Bert Ertman

Instead of being religious about Microservices, this refreshing talk covers both the good parts and the possible pitfalls that could appear in a transition to Microservices.

Stateless authentication with OAuth 2 and JWT

by Álvaro Sánchez

An introduction to OAuth and JWT, and how to achieve stateless authentication.

Unlocking the magic of monads with Java 8

by Oleg Šelajev

A cool talk that demystifies monads and shows how you could create them in Java 8.

You can't change this: Immutable JavaScript

by Christian Johansen

Such a great talk about immutability in JavaScript through a live demonstration where Christian creates a minesweeper game.