JavaZone 2015: Day 2 - IntelliJ, Memory Management and Elasticsearch

In the previous post, we looked at a few talks from the first day.

Time to take a look at some interesting ones from the second day.

Remember that you can browse through all of the talks by visiting JavaZone's Vimeo channel.

IntelliJ IDEA Tips and Tricks

by Hadi Hariri

A great presentation with tips and tricks on how to be more efficient and productive using IntelliJ. Maybe you've missed a feature or shortcut along the way?

Java 8 JVM Memory and Thread Management

by Ken Sipe

Interesting talk covering the JVM memory structure, garbage collectors and changes done in Java 8 compared to Java 7.

Unlock the value of your data with Elasticsearch

by Aleksander Stensby

Nice introduction to Elasticsearch and its possibilities.

Up in the sky: Architecture and Deployment of Microservices for the Cloud

by Axel Fontaine

A talk about what you need to keep in mind when deciding to go for the cloud.